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Priced & sold by the half metre

To order 1 metre, add two units.

Swatches are available for non-sale cloth (choose swatch option under 'I'd like to buy') but PLEASE NOTE

as our cloth is available in limited quantities only, we recommend not waiting too long when you've found one you love!

WEIGHT of Cloth - Our hand printed cloth comes in various weights, the majority come in cambric, 60/60 thread count (approx 98 grams per metre) or voile which is a lighter weight. There are variation within these weights too, sometimes due to the print process, and cloth itself which is produced on non-industrial machine looms. If you are unsure please order a swatch.

Block printed cloth

indigo dyes - there may be residual rub off with this fabric but it will disappear on washing and is not permanent.

100% cotton

Width: 110cm

Weight: light cambric

colour: indigo on natural ecru 

Motif: 3 x 3.5cm

Direction: one way

I4320 Sundial

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