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Emma: 'Emma Price' of In the Wool Shed and Mindful Textiles Journeys, met Jackie over 20 years ago at a time when they had both decided it was 'essential' that they learn to weave! As a result, they are both City and Guilds qualified weavers whose mutual obsession with handcrafted textiles, aversion to throw away thinking and commitment to community and collaboration meant that Cloth Atelier was inevitable - at some stage. Now feels the right time - for so many reasons. 

Working with Alice - our talented textile designer, who's just graduated from the London College of Fashion with a 1st class degree in fashion textiles, and whose own personal commitment to sustainable textile design has already been the golden thread running through her work to date, was a natural fit. Alice keeps us inspired with her contemporary thinking to bring relevant and thoughtful new designs to our cloth collections.